Sex Education

Rocky has a hunger for learning. His teacher, Miss Samantha 38G, wants to help him. Rocky wants to learn advanced words and expand his vocabulary. He could not have a better instructor. However, the lesson plan falls by the wayside when Miss Samantha eyes his junk. It’s time for her to teach this fella words like “mammaries.”

Samantha takes Rocky’s cock out of his pants to slowly and gently tickle and massage his balls and dick. His wood gets harder than her desk. Samantha wants to go to the teachers’ lounge where they can get more comfortable. She’s only interested in one kind of hard wood.

At the lounge, Samantha gives him an A+ cock sucking and tit-massage. But he needs further tutoring so she gets naked except for her split crotch panties and sits on his pole, taking it deep for a grinding fuck. Using her hands to brace herself, Samantha bounces up and down on his rod. She sure does love this dick, judging by her ecstatic expression.

A man’s quest for knowledge never ends. As long as there are caring and compassionate teachers such as Miss Samantha 38G who want to set their students straight, be assured that the future of American youths are in good hands and deep cleavage.

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