Reading Or Riding? Porsche Must Choose

Porsche Dali is trying to read at XL Girls when JMac strolls over. He’s done the wild thang with Porsche before and she’s looking tasty to him again. It’s bullshit that men don’t throw passes at girls in glasses. JMac seizes Porsche’s book. He has other ideas for her.

Porsche protests so JMac relents by offering to give her back her book and glasses after she gives him a blow job. He starts playing with Porsche’s titanic tits and all the boob play has her quickly forgetting about her reading. She loves that boner better and wants it between her lips, her breasts and pounding her pussy. She won’t need her glasses to see the semen spurting out of his dick and all over her 42GG tits and face.

Porsche is busty and proud of it. “By the time I got to high school I was given the name ‘Big Tits,'” Porsche told us. “Most guys didn’t even know my real name, just “Big Tits.’ I’ve used my boobs to get into clubs without having to pay. I’ve gotten away with not getting traffic tickets by showing off my boobs. They’ve helped me out.”

“But sometimes guys get to the point where they forget that I’m a real person and it’s just all about the tits. And I do things like care for the environment and I go to school. I was blessed with big boobs, but that’s not all there is to me.”

XL Girls can absolutely guarantee that JMac is not like those guys and neither are we!

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