Quiet chick fucks daughter’s boyfriend

Cyndi Sinclair, wearing a little bra and littler panties, has some alone time in her bedroom…or so she thinks. Because while this 53-year-old mom is playing with herself, her daughter’s boyfriend is watching her. And not just watching. The bold dude is jacking off! Cyndi looks up and catches him with his dick in his hand, so what does she do? She transfers the dude’s cock from his hand to her mouth.

In addition to being a mom, Cyndi is a writer.

“I wrote a book,” she said. “It’s called Don’t Mess With the Quiet Chick, and it is available [at Amazon]. It was a lot of fun. It’ll be in audio form by the end of the year.”

We assume that Cyndi is the titular quiet chick, and if that’s the case, it’s clear that she’s worth messing with, at least in a sexual way. Cyndi shot her first scenes for us three years ago “because I had a lot of vet bills to pay and I needed to stay home with my dog. So this became an opportunity and I took it and I really like it. I’m having a great time. It is a new passion.”

Now, she’s doing all kinds of fun things for us pervy dogs at 50PlusMILFs.com. It’s great to have her back.

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