Now pushing 60, Amy returns

It’s always great to see a hot MILF again after several years. Today, we have the return of Amy, who was 53 when she fucked on-camera for the first time in 2016 and is now 59 years old. She’s a mom and divorcee from the UK, she has big tits and a pierced pussy and she seems to be even hornier than she was before.

“I enjoy painting,” Amy told us. “I also enjoy going for long walks with my dog. I tend to be a quiet girl. Not in bed, of course. I’m definitely not quiet there! I enjoy sunny afternoons drinking coffee and reading the paper. I enjoy nice dinners.”

Back in 2016, after twice fucking young studs on-camera, Amy said, “Doing this is the most fun I’ve ever had.” She also said, “Only a few friends know what I’m doing and they were surprised when they found out. I’m not even a swinger. I’ve never gone more than topless on a nude beach, so I’m not exactly a loose girl.”

One of her friends who wasn’t surprised was 50Plus MILF Molly Maracas, who sent Amy our way.

Amy’s favorite kind of evening: “Drinks, dinner and sex.”

What she wants to do that she’s never done: “Have sex in the snow.”

What’s sexy to her? “Shaven balls.”

Break out the razors, guys!

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