Naia Bee: Dressed For Hard Sex

Naia Bee admires her dangerous curves in the mirror. She has a lot to admire and she’s picked out the just-right outfit for lovers of thick beauties. Her dress is tight against her big, heavy tits and round ass. T&A expert JMac will be dropping his magazine and dropping his drawers as soon as Naia strolls into the room.

After undressing Naia and feasting his eyes on her fertility goddess body, they play boob games. Breasts of Naia’s size and shape keep a man’s hands busy. There is so much to do with them.

They strip off quickly and Naia sits, her face at cock level. JMac fills her mouth and pumps, holding her by the head, then drives his skin bus inside her titty tunnel. Naia lies on her back so JMac can straddle her and hump her hooters properly.

The need to have her pussy stuffed with thick cock is the only thing on Naia’s mind. She sits on his pole, facing him and gives it to him good, slapping her ass cheeks. She reverses her position with her back to him and rubs her clit as his dick goes up and down, in and out. He rams her fast and hard like a human jack-hammer. Naia is a very vocal girl when she’s getting the wood and she begs her stud-man to keep fucking her, a request he is happy to honor.

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