Mia Lopez: Her Morning Ritual

Mia Lopez wakes up after a night of horny dreams and feels the urge to pat her pussy before she begins her morning ritual in her bathroom. She sleepily stretches out in bed and takes some deep breaths to energize, her big tits rising and falling.

Mia lowers her red teddy and fills her palms with her heavy breasts, feeling the softness and weight of her twin treasures. She enjoys touching her tits and thinking about the dreams she had during the night.

Before Mia leaves the bedroom, she does some breast exercises on the bed and then does her cheeky butt bounces in the doorway of the bathroom. In her glass-enclosed shower, Mia presses her tits against the glass. The cool water cascading down her thick body wakes her up. Mia soaps up, then grabs one of the shower accessories she bought at Bath, Boobs and Behinds and sticks it to the glass.

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