Massage Parlor Girl

“When I was dancing, men were always telling me that I should go to The SCORE Group so I followed their suggestions,” Kacey Parker once told us.

Kacey likes pulling mean pranks on her friends. Fortunately for Tony, he got a very happy ending, not a prank.

Kacey gets to lay her hands down on Tony’s pipe and bust his stress with her pierced tongue, deep cleavage chasm and warm, wet, pink pussy. A messy happy ending caps this expert rub-down. “I love what I do. I love porn,” says Kacey. More masseuses should follow Kacey’s lead. She’s definitely a role model.

Any man in need of healing hands would welcome Kacey and her tighty-whities working on his bod. Blue-green eyed Kacey is a sultry-speaking chubby who’s made sex her life’s work.

“I love dressing like a slut,” Kacey said. “Boobies just everywhere! I can’t just buy my bras off the rack. I have to get bras especially made for big tits! The only time I really wear a bra is when I go out clubbing with the girls. I’m an attention whore. I love it when wives catch their husbands staring at my large tits!”

If Kacey means the kind of clubbing when she clubs a guy over the head with her massive jugs, we are there.

Kacey once described her special talents as, “Titty-fucking and sucking cock at the same time. I love sucking hard cock and licking balls.” Now that’s true talent. She has an oral fixation she can’t control. Many men love to fill her throat with their nut-juice.

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