Laura Tithapia: Massage Therapist of XLGirls

Laura Tithapia is a woman of many talents and skills. The more of her videos we watch and the more of her photos we admire, the more we realize just how talented and how bra-bustingly built Laura is.

Complaining about a stiff neck, Tom Holland comes a-knockin’ on Laura’s door for some therapeutic massage to cure that stiffness. Laura’s cure for his stiffness is not all in her hands. She has other fantastic ways to help this poor chap.

Tom reaches out for Laura’s big tits to squeeze and suck. She’s irresistible and Laura knows it. Dropping to her knees, Laura licks, sucks and breast-bangs Tom. This cures him, like magic. Her mouth and how she wraps her lips around his fat boy is certainly magical. But that’s only the first part of her stiffness relief program. He may need to make regular trips to her home spa.

A screamer, Laura lets Tom know how much she’s enjoying getting dicked-down deep by grinding and pumping his pole, screaming in pleasure the whole time.

“I like to watch my videos at home,” Laura wrote. “Sometimes I watch them alone. Other times, with someone. I enjoy them all.” Laura’s working on improving her English but her body speaks every language.

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