Knocking One Out Of The Park

Nikky Wilder plays softball and likes watching LA Dodgers baseball, so it seems fitting to get Nikky in a batting cage to swing a bat around for a few pitches before she gets down to playing with her big boobs and wet candy box.

When guys see Nikky, they think of scoring. They think of hitting a home run with her. Even getting to first base with Nikky is something special. A cuddly blonde who likes to play hard ball, Nikky is ready to catch the right pitch. Just make sure you don’t strike out or you’ll miss out on a grand slam. A good evening with Nikky would be safe at home.

As far as dates go, she says a day at a carnival or at the boardwalk are the best with cotton candy, games and fun. And when the date ends at her place, that’s when the fun really starts. You’ve already seen how Nikky turns a guy into a most valuable player!

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