Knocked Up & Cocked Up

At seven months knocked up, sporting a huge baby bump and with her massive, pancake-sized areolae now extremely dark, Shyla Shy contacted XLGirls for one more blast-off of hard humping before motherhood began. We had to move quickly before this rare window of opportunity closed.

Few XLGirls call us when they’re knocked up and approaching delivery time. The hormonal shifts of pregnancy have made Shyla horny in her quiet, docile way, her personality being the same whether she’s pregnant or not. The very word shy is in her name: Shyla Shy. But she’s not so shy that she didn’t want to express her sex drive and give the world the enjoyment of inspecting every inch of her soft and creamy body, either alone or getting fucked.

Shyla deserved a high-energy stud so we got her one of our guys who loves big jugs. He’s fucked Shyla before and enjoys her lush curves and wet pussy. Those tits needed a fucking. It was time for the bump hump for this soon-to-be mommy.

Those huge tits Shyla is packing is enough to make any man a preggo fan, even if he usually dislikes seeing pregnant girls. That’s our argument, in any case.

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