Katrin Porto: Sex Therapist

Tom pays a visit to a new therapist named Katrin Porto. You see, Tom is a boob and ass addict. That’s all he can think of and dream about. Boy, did he pick the right therapist. The hot redhead wears the tightest, ass-clinging pants she can find. Katrin offers him all the support he could ever want, starting with bending over to pick up the pen she dropped.

Katrin determines that the proper course of treatment for Tom is for him to first suck on her nipples, then she jerks, sucks, licks and tit-crushes his cock. Then she fuck his brains out. She’s hungry for some sticky cum in her mouth and Tom has plenty saved. Will he be cured? Who cares?

Katrin has a very active sex life on-camera and off-camera. You could say her life is sex and sex is her life. “The best foreplay for me is to feel an aroused dick between my buttocks before I strip. Some kisses to my neck while grabbing my ass, feeling his passion and some gentle power. Then licking my pussy.”

Katrin talked about some anonymous sex she once had.

“One time a man from the opposite table in a restaurant looked at me and I looked at him. No words. I went outside to smoke and he followed me. I was fucked very quickly in the street with no words said before we returned to our tables. No names, no words.”

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