Karla’s making fantasies come true

Ah, so it’s the ol’ hot-mom-fucks-her-son’s-best-friend scenario. Happens all the time, right?

Wrong. At least we don’t think it happens all the time. Who knows? Maybe this happens a million times a day. After all, a mother isn’t going to tell her son, “I fucked your best friend today,” and a dude isn’t going to tell his best friend, “I fucked your mom today.” Unless, of course, he wants to get his ass kicked.

So here we have Lukas. He’s sleeping over at his friend’s house. And we also have Karla, who’s 45 years old. Her motto is, “If there’s cock in the house (and I’m not related to it), I’m going to fuck it.”

“What’re you doing?” Lukas asks when Karla wakes him up with a peek under the sheets. “I don’t think we should be doing that.”

“Don’t say nothing,” she says. “This is between you and me. I always wanted to fuck you.”

Lukas gives in pretty easily. Of course, Karla has his cock in her mouth, so…ya know.

And by the way, by “I always wanted to fuck you,” we presume means “for the past two years.”

Anyway, Karla…she’s from Colombia and now lives in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. She’s married and in an open relationship. Wide open, from all appearances. Her tits, which Lukas thinks are very nice, are DD-cups.

She’s a swinger. “I’ve been a swinger for two years and have had multiple men and women group play at sex parties and clubs.”

She’s a nudist.

Sexual fantasies? “I’m living them.”

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