Holly and the handyman

What’s a woman like Holly Kiss to do when she has no hot water and no heat? She calls Johnny, aka Big Johnny, to help her, and he’s got what she needs. Meaning he can fix her heat and water and a whole lot more.

She’s got what he needs, too. Holly, who’s from England, takes out her big, firm, fake tits, and suddenly, just like that, his attention switches from the kitchen sink to her body, which is very hot but can still use some warming up. But do they go to the bedroom? No. The living room? No. They do it right there in the kitchen. Why? Because that’s where they are, and they’re so horny, they don’t have any inclination to go somewhere else.

Holly gets on the floor to suck his cock, warming it up just right, then she gets up on the counter so he can finger and eat her pussy. When her pussy is ready, he bends her over the counter and fucks her from behind, but the action is just beginning. After some more deep dick-sucking, Holly bounces on his cock, and after he fucks her from behind and then doggy-style on the floor, he cums on her ass.

Looks like he got the job done. Looks like Holly is very happy.

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