Demora Avarice: Greedy About Her Breasts

“I’m a simple gal,” said Demora Avarice, a wife and mom of five. She wears a 34O-cup bra. Yes, that’s not a typo. O-cup. She has to buy bras from UK suppliers. In this photo set from the matching video that includes a chat with the photographer, 4’11” Demora wears a body clinging dress.

“I love waterfalls and the beach. In general, I can have fun with all sorts of things. I don’t have a particular preference. I’m not really a sports kind of gal. I workout but not nearly as much as I should.”

Demora doesn’t masturbate off- or on-camera. “I never have nor had a need to.”

As for guys pitching pick-up lines to her, “I don’t think I’ve ever really had a pick-up line used on me.” Demora does get countless compliments and comments on social media.

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