Burger & Boobs Joint

Porsche Dali is waitressing at this burger joint which two XL Girls staffers are checking out for the first time. You’d be surprised who we can find slaving at a local burger place. Think SCORELAND’s Mia Khalifa.

Lester tells Karl that he’s heard that the servers at this fast food place really have the goods. He’s right, and high-energy Porsche is going to show them her goods. Special orders don’t upset her. Even the king would jerk off if he saw this tasty, fleshy morsel. Ya want fries with those plump tits?

Giggly and bouncy, Porsche has a nipple slip at the guys’ table, but that’s okay. She keeps on losing her uniform, and by the time she’s done, she’s buck-naked with only her cap and shoes on. Lester and Karl forget their food and keep their eyes glued to horny Porsche. With service like this, the guys will be back, and they’ll have a special sauce for her.

Porsche watches all of her XL Girls scenes.

“I watched them alone first but later on I watched them with my lover and even had a few of my close friends watch them with me,” said Porsche. “I love my scenes from the last time I shot for XL Girls. My male talents were absolutely amazing. The photography and video captured my beauty as well as my naughtiness. My lover and my friends thought the scenes were hot!”

One question: How does a guy get to be a close friend of Porsche? Just askin’.

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