Betty Boobs has skills

Betty Boobs, a former SCORE Girl in the 1990s, shows off her very impressive, well-honed dick-sucking and ball-sucking skills before showing off her impressive flexibility as she gets fucked hard by a guy who’s young enough to be her son. Betty is 49 and a mom. After vigorous fucking in a lot of positions, the guy finishes by fucking her tits and shooting his load all over them.

40Something: Have you watched the scenes you shot for us?

Betty: Yes, I did.

40Something: Did you watch them alone or with somebody?

Betty: I watched them with someone. Well, most of it. We started our own little fun!

40Something: What did you think about them?

Betty: I got super-horny and super-wet and he got super-hard. We couldn’t help but play while it was playing.

40Something: Has shooting porn changed you?

Betty: I shot my first scene with SCORE in my 20s, I think, overseas in London. After returning home, I did a handful of porn I have never seen before I retired. I returned in 2017. How has it changed me? I don’t think it really has. I am comfortable with all that I have done. Now, it does change other people when they find out. Sex is a big part of my life. I would fuck more if I had more opportunities.

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