Back Those Buns Up

“I’ve been an exotic dancer,” said Sashaa Juggs. “I love to travel and I want to go to Italy one day. I’m Italian and I’d love to learn more about my heritage.”

When it comes to traveling, a lover of fine big babes could not do better than travel to Sashaa’s mountains and explore her valleys. And that’s exactly what Sashaa’s cock-date Rocky does, making sure he carefully negotiates those extreme curves on his way up to those heavenly mountains! Rocky has a holiday in Sashaa’s big jugs!

“I masturbate five or six times a day. I start early in the morning and I sometimes keep going all day. I do it at work if I’m horny and get wet. I’m not really into toys. I can only cum by working my clit with my hand.

“I love to give head. I go slow and keep it really wet and sloppy. And I can deepthroat. I saw it in porn and tried it and got better with practice. I like to draw it out and have the guy begging me to cum, but I won’t let him till I decide to finish him off. Then I swallow it all.”

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