Amy Villainous & Her Two-Man Date At

Bra-busting superwoman Amy Villainous has a hot date with Sam Shock. They “met” on a dating site and are meeting for real at his place. Meanwhile, Sam eagerly shows his housemate Anthony Gaultier a photo of Amy. Anthony says he’ll go out and give them some privacy.

Amy arrives at Sam’s place and gets cozy on the sofa. They talk about her amazing 38J wonders, nature’s bounty. Amy lifts up her shirt and shows Sam her boobs in her bra. He begins to feel her up. Amy looks out the window and sees Anthony spying on them. Sam tells her who he is and she tells Sam to invite him in. Most girls in this situation would put their tits away and walk out the door but not Amy. She tells Sam she likes to be watched having sex or masturbating.

She wants Anthony to watch her and Sam, then has Anthony join in. The guys each help themselves to a massive breast. Pants are dropped so Amy can suck each cock in turn and rub their dicks on her heavy knockers. She blows them down to the root, jerking one guy while she’s sucking the other. They take turns giving Amy stud service, fucking her hard and changing positions. She sucks Sam while getting the dick from behind in a spit roasting. She sits on Anthony’s pole as she swallows Sam. She rides Sam facing him while sucking off Anthony.

Whatever dating app Sam uses is very effective.

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