A Pasta Pounding

Nina loves to eat, but she’s not much of a cook. That’s why she has her man do the kitchen work for her. And judging by his mac-and-cheese pasta hybrid, he’s not much of a chef either. Fortunately, Nina isn’t a picky eater. She’ll pretty much swallow anything as long as you feed it to her. She’s glad to munch on the huge spoonfuls of pasta her man puts into her mouth. But she doesn’t sit back and let her guy do all the work. As long as she’s being fed, Nina will do her part and wrap her huge mocha tits around his cock. Soon, her attention shifts from the pasta to his prick, and she swallows as much of his rod as she can. Pasta is a heavy food, but it doesn’t slow her down when she gets on top of him and squeezes his cock into her fat, juicy pussy.

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